A downloadable game

You awake on board a space station, emergency warnings are going off, oxygen is leaking. Your first task is to orient yourself with your surroundings, find a way to stop the oxygen leak and then make contact with the earth.

Once in contact the game begins properly. You will be guided on what to do via the radio contact. You will not see the person helping you from mission control, but you will build a relationship with them through your responses. These responses will also shape your experience.

The more positive you are the better the outcome for your character. There will be challenges to solve and decisions, emotional and practical to be made. Each will affect your character's morale and mental health. If either of those drops to low your character will slowly and imperceptibly go mad, resulting in a more horror experience as frustration and fear lead to hallucinations, and eventually the death of the astronaut.

If you maintain your characters health then he will eventually escape the dying space station and return to earth, although whether life will ever be the same for him remains to be seen!

Published Mar 27, 2017